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Accidents - 50+ years old - Year 2006 - Ear


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 17,553
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First aid equipment: 5,356Swimming: 1,772
Jewelry: 1,492Hearing aids: 1,320
Bathtubs or showers: 720Beds or bedframes: 634
Floors or flooring materials: 552Ear protection devices: 400
Stairs or steps: 313Chairs: 241
Insect induced injuries: 235Tables: 206
Doors: 177Eyeglasses: 176
Hair curlers, curling irons, clips & hairpins: 173Furniture: 158
Fishing: 158Fans: 142
Paper products: 140Waste containers, trash baskets or refuse bins: 133
Day wear: 127Hot water: 102
Televisions: 95Golf: 88
Luggage: 86Power saws: 86
Soaps: 86All-terrain vehicles: 86
Knives: 79Fences or fence posts: 79
Scissors: 75Greenhouse or gardening supplies: 73
Combs or hairbrushes: 73Step stools: 73
Baseball: 73Pillows: 73
Poles: 73Chair, recliner: 71
Nonelectric razors or shavers: 71Tools: 71
Umbrellas: 71Other sound recording, reproducing or receiving equipment: 71
Wire: 71Barstools or kitchen stools: 71
Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 71Chains: 71
Pruning or trimming equipment: 59Telephones or telephone accessories: 59
Keys, key rings or key chains: 59Desk supplies: 59
Razors or shavers: 59Candles, candlesticks and other candle holders: 59
Batteries: 59Swings or swing sets: 59
Crutches, canes or walkers: 45Screwdrivers: 43
Ceilings and walls: 30Alcohol: 30
Swimming pools: 30Containers: 30
Benches: 15Rugs or carpets: 15
Toothpicks or hor d'oeuvres picks: 15Doorsills or frames: 15
Manual scissors: 15Refrigerators: 15
Footwear: 15Cigarette or pipe lighters: 15
Swimming pool equipment: 15Clothing accessories: 15
Horseback riding: 15Riding power lawn mowers: 15
Pet supplies: 15Electric heating pads: 15
Handrails, railings or banisters: 15Bicycles or accessories: 15
Glass doors or doors with glass panels: 15Ladders: 14

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