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Accidents - Year 2010 - Pubic Region


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 52,494
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Accidents - Age:
0-5 years old:14,681
6-15 years old:14,142
16-25 years old:10,305
26-50 years old:8,767
50+ years old:4,596

Accidents - Sex

Accidents - Race


Bicycles or accessories: 4,402Bathtubs or showers: 2,752
Day wear: 2,634Toilets: 2,588
Monkey bars, playground gyms or other playground climbing apparatus: 1,706Beds or bedframes: 1,520
Chairs: 1,473Nonelectric razors or shavers: 1,341
Swimming: 1,193Soaps: 1,161
Basketball: 1,108Football: 1,076
Razors or shavers: 1,040Swimming pools: 914
Baseball: 862Soccer: 754
Weight lifting: 725Exercise: 704
Pens and pencils: 601Counters or countertops: 568
Floors or flooring materials: 552Stairs or steps: 531
Tables: 478Paper products: 464
Horseback riding: 440Fences or fence posts: 425
Jewelry: 423Slides or sliding boards: 419
Massage devices or vibrators: 402Diving or diving boards: 390
Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 380Sofas, couches, davenports, divans or studio couches: 375
Swings or swing sets: 364Furniture: 361
Skateboards: 341Playground equipment: 334
Containers: 311All-terrain vehicles: 304
Doors: 301Trampolines: 297
Other toys: 295Laundry soaps or detergents: 290
Step stools: 288Diapers: 286
Desk supplies: 283Tableware and accessories: 281
Desks, chests, bureaus or buffets: 277Ladders: 275
Tennis: 274Scooters, unpowered: 267
Stools: 260Poles: 251
Bunk beds: 246Wrestling: 245
Wheelchairs: 243Pins and needles: 229
Handrails, railings or banisters: 222Bleachers: 220
Benches: 189Refrigerators: 187
Exercise equipment: 180Sports and recreational activity: 178
Nonglass bottles or jars: 175Towels or cloths: 168
Barstools or kitchen stools: 159Knives: 157
Beach chairs or folding chairs: 154Softball: 153
Surfing: 153Glass bottles or jars: 153
Hockey: 149Water slides: 148
Water skiing: 146General purpose household cleaners: 140
Bathtub or shower enclosures: 138Martial arts: 135
Lacrosse: 134Rugby: 134
Manual cleaning equipment: 129Hot water: 129
Toy boxes or chests: 124Ceilings and walls: 111
Snow boarding: 111Footstools, ottomans or hassocks: 110
Two-wheeled, powered, off-road vehicles: 110Go-carts: 109
Sewing basket articles: 102Gymnastics: 102
Tricycles: 99Other ball sports: 98
Toy vehicles: 98Dolls, plush toys, and action figures: 97
Scissors: 96Cabinet or door hardware: 94
Ball sports: 94First aid equipment: 93
Hot tubs or home spas: 92Sinks: 91
Built-in swimming pools: 90Grocery or shopping carts: 88
Tie racks, belt racks or other clothes hangers: 88Adhesives: 88
Metal containers: 88Baby gates or barriers: 87
Portable swimming pools: 87Footwear: 86
Air conditioners: 86Scaffolding: 86
Porches, balconies, open-side floors or floor openings: 85Water toys: 84
Wagons: 81Aerosol containers: 79
Kitchen gadgets: 79Dancing: 77
Handball: 77Manual snow or ice removal tools: 77
Cigarette or pipe lighters: 76Roller skating: 76
Microwave ovens: 76Toilet bowl products: 76
Other toy guns: 76Car seats: 76
Hoists, lifts, jacks or jack stands: 76Other furniture: 76
Drain cleaners: 76Flatware: 75
Pogo sticks: 74Potty chairs or training seats: 74
Balls: 74Treehouses or playhouses: 73
Water heaters: 71Buckets or pails: 71
High chairs: 71Snow skiing: 71
Pumps: 71Footlockers: 71
Washing machines: 71Ice skating: 71
Pliers, wire cutters or wrenches: 70Gasoline: 70
Archery: 70Plastic bags: 70
Above-ground swimming pools: 70Seasonal decorations: 70
Bed rails: 69Screwdrivers: 69
Hair clippers and trimmers: 69Toy sports equipment: 63
Books, magazines, albums or scrapbooks: 63Stereo or hi-fi components or accessories: 63
Lawn mowers: 63Electric razors or shavers: 63
Swimming pool chemicals: 63Mountain climbing: 63
Bottles or jars: 63Cribs: 58
Computers: 49Mountain or all-terrain bicycles or accessories: 44
Other specified plastic products: 43Building sets: 42
Pipes: 38Fishing: 38
Cardboard products: 38Nails, screws, carpet tacks or thumbtacks: 34
Other playground equipment: 32Coins: 32
Laundry hampers: 32Stepladders: 32
Rope or string: 31Seesaws or teeterboards: 28
Manual scissors: 27Chair, rocking: 26
Crayons or chalk: 26Doll houses and other play scenes: 22
Waste containers, trash baskets or refuse bins: 21Bedspreads, throws or comforters: 17
Workshop furnishings: 17Musical instruments, not electric or not battery operated: 16
Ironing boards or covers: 16Detergents: 16
Golf carts: 16Wigs, falls or hairpieces: 16
Laundry baskets: 16Gas or LP grills or stoves: 15
Caulking or spackling compounds: 15Batteries: 15
Power tillers or cultivators: 15Clothing: 15
Manicuring devices: 15Tool sheds: 15
Escalators: 15Other sound recording, reproducing or receiving equipment: 15
Floor lamps or table lamps: 15Vacuum cleaners: 15
Remote control, universal or not stated: 10Water tubing: 10
Plastic containers: 10Blocks, stacking toys or pull toys: 10
Freezers: 6Toy caps, cap toys or cap guns: 6
Combs or hairbrushes: 5Toy musical instruments: 5
Glass doors or doors with glass panels: 5Swimming pool equipment: 5
Other ranges or ovens: 5Chains: 5
Wooden containers: 5Bars and bar accessories: 5
Water polo: 5Televisions: 5
Sleds: 5Pet supplies: 5
Ice hockey: 5Unicycles: 5
Pretend electronics, tools, housewares, and appliances: 5Amusement attractions: 5
Tape recorders or players: 5Roller hockey: 5
Air compressors: 5In-line skating: 5
Cheerleading: 5Rugs or carpets: 5

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