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Lethal accidents - 50+ years old - Years 1997-2010 - Unkown


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 1,289
See also: Lethal and non-lethal accidents, Other age groups, Other body parts.
Lethal Accidents - Years:
Year 1998:18
Year 1999:36
Year 2000:17
Year 2001:167
Year 2002:152
Year 2003:277
Year 2004:92
Year 2005:119
Year 2006:15
Year 2007:76
Year 2008:45
Year 2009:194
Year 2010:76

Lethal Accidents - Sex

Lethal Accidents - Race


Floors or flooring materials: 187General home or room involvement in fires: 151
Lawn mowers: 84Golf: 84
Stairs or steps: 81Swimming pools: 76
Snow throwers/blowers: 76Dancing: 69
Utility vehicles: 69Fences or fence posts: 66
Beds or bedframes: 62Basketball: 60
Manual snow or ice removal tools: 59Golf carts: 58
Bicycles or accessories: 32Beds: 18
Ceilings and walls: 17Exercise equipment: 16
Exercise: 15

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