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Lethal accidents - 50+ years old - Year 2008 - All Of Body


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 1,548
See also: Lethal and non-lethal accidents, Other years, Other age groups, Other body parts.

Lethal Accidents - Sex

Lethal Accidents - Race


Floors or flooring materials: 420General home or room involvement in fires: 164
Stairs or steps: 160Exercise: 159
Swimming pools: 87Musical instruments, not electric or not battery operated: 80
Other unpowered garden tools: 80Tables: 73
Sofas, couches, davenports, divans or studio couches: 71Snow throwers/blowers: 71
Beds or bedframes: 71Lawn mowers: 30
Sports and recreational activity: 15Riding power lawn mowers: 15
Swimming: 15Dancing: 15
Track and field: 15

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