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Accidents - 50+ years old - Year 2010 - Eyeball


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 36,654
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Accidents - Sex

Accidents - Race


Workshop grinders, buffers, or polishers: 1,859Lawn mowers: 1,493
Welding equipment: 1,424Lawn trimmers or edgers, powered: 1,186
Adhesives: 1,045General purpose household cleaners: 1,003
Pruning or trimming equipment: 915Bleaches: 886
Tools: 763Power lawn mowers: 684
House repair or construction materials: 682Eyeglasses: 660
Floors or flooring materials: 636Manual cleaning equipment: 620
Power workshop grinders, buffers or polishers: 563Saws: 560
Paper products: 536Chemicals: 515
Ceilings and walls: 454Bathtubs or showers: 431
Swimming pool chemicals: 415Golf: 346
Batteries: 338Manual filing or sanding tools: 327
Chain saws: 320Light bulbs: 317
Hair curlers, curling irons, clips & hairpins: 313Paints, varnishes or shellacs: 308
Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 301Containers: 298
Porches, balconies, open-side floors or floor openings: 290Stairs or steps: 276
Beds or bedframes: 269All-terrain vehicles: 267
Other unpowered garden tools: 264Knives: 251
Sprayers: 246Soaps: 239
Desks, chests, bureaus or buffets: 235Christmas decorations: 229
Nails, screws, carpet tacks or thumbtacks: 229Bicycles or accessories: 228
Fences or fence posts: 222Bench or table saws: 221
Plastic containers: 212Gasoline: 210
Sofas, couches, davenports, divans or studio couches: 207Eye protection devices: 205
Combs or hairbrushes: 194Televisions: 189
Sheets or pillowcases: 180Tables: 180
Bottles or jars: 177Hammers: 175
Acids: 169Other toys: 169
Glass doors or doors with glass panels: 169Floor lamps or table lamps: 166
Outerwear: 165Rotary power lawn mowers: 165
Portable circular power saws: 159Crutches, canes or walkers: 159
Manicuring devices: 156Fans: 155
Vacuum cleaners: 153Clothing accessories: 153
Riding power lawn mowers: 151Swimming: 148
Metal polishes, tarnish removers or preventatives: 148Scissors: 143
Fishing: 142Clothing: 140
Towels or cloths: 140Tool sheds: 140
Day wear: 136Stretch cords or stretch straps: 134
Chairs: 127Lubricants: 127
Chair, recliner: 127Cords, electrical: 108
Squash, racquet ball or paddle ball: 108Other furnaces: 106
Power pruning or trimming equipment: 102Cardboard products: 102
Doors: 97Exercise: 96
Drinking glasses: 95Aerosol containers: 95
Wheelchairs: 95Computers: 93
Art and ceramic supplies or equipment: 93Pens and pencils: 93
Nonglass bottles or jars: 93Basketball: 93
Flying discs and boomerangs: 93Bags: 92
Flatware: 92Balls: 92
Keys, key rings or key chains: 92Wire: 88
Thermal or sound insulation materials: 87Draperies, curtains or shower curtains: 87
Tractors: 87Drills: 80
Runners, throw rugs or doormats: 80Tennis: 80
Swimming pools: 79Power saws: 79
Waste containers, trash baskets or refuse bins: 76Table linens: 76
Other portable or stationary power tools: 76Detergents: 76
Automotive waxes, polishes or cleaners: 76Plastic bags: 76
Archery: 76Sewing machines or accessories: 76
Greenhouse or gardening supplies: 76Clotheslines or clothes drying racks: 76
Window screens: 76Rust removers: 71
Electrical wire or wiring systems: 71Drain cleaners: 71
Other bedding: 71Telephones or telephone accessories: 71
Watches: 71Furniture: 71
Nonelectric toothbrushes: 71Towel racks or bars: 71
Toy weapons: 71Power hedge trimmers: 70
Toolboxes or tool kits: 70Furniture polishes or waxes: 70
Cigarette or pipe lighters: 70Wigs, falls or hairpieces: 70
Clocks: 70Pet supplies: 70
Garage doors: 70Electrical testing equipment: 70
Straps: 70Camping equipment: 70
Power sanders: 68Lighter fluids: 63
Other ranges or ovens: 63Artificial Christmas trees: 63
Hockey: 63Tie racks, belt racks or other clothes hangers: 63
Seasonal decorations: 63Public equipment: 63
Fire escape devices: 63Blankets: 63
Dishwashing liquid: 63Fireworks: 63
Toilets: 63Knickknacks, statues, vases or urns: 63
Metal containers: 63Aluminum foil wrapping products: 63
Pumps: 63Laundry soaps or detergents: 55
Books, magazines, albums or scrapbooks: 55Baseball: 38
Hatchets or axes: 38Pillows: 33
Footwear: 33Weight lifting: 32
Other ball sports: 32Grills: 32
Pictures, picture frames or wall decorations: 32Caulking or spackling compounds: 32
Scuba diving: 32Exercise equipment: 31
Hot water: 31Sinks: 31
Fertilizers: 31Radiators: 17
Boilers: 17Abrasive cleaners: 17
Toilet bowl products: 17Jewelry: 17
Swings or swing sets: 17Mattresses: 17
Poles: 17Football: 16
Tableware and accessories: 16Personal protection devices: 16
Manual snow or ice removal tools: 16Ice picks: 16
Counters or countertops: 16Razors or shavers: 16
Vises or workshop clamps: 16Toy boxes or chests: 16
Cookware: 15Windows and window glass, other than storm windows: 15
Other specified plastic products: 15Water slides: 15
Manual lawn trimmers or edgers: 15Power drills or accessories: 15
Antifreeze: 15Electric chandeliers, hanging lamps or other attached light fixtures: 15
Soccer: 15Garden hoses, nozzles or sprinklers: 15
Luggage: 15Umbrellas: 15
Costumes or masks: 15Grocery or shopping carts: 15
Wheelbarrows or lawn carts: 15Workshop furnishings: 15
Softball: 15Padlocks, chain locks or other locks: 15
Hoists, lifts, jacks or jack stands: 15

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