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Accidents - 50+ years old - Year 2008 - Ear


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 21,609
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First aid equipment: 7,175Swimming: 1,956
Hearing aids: 1,571Jewelry: 1,195
Beds or bedframes: 1,128Floors or flooring materials: 1,106
Tables: 599Bathtubs or showers: 474
Ear protection devices: 473Crutches, canes or walkers: 378
Paper products: 341Doors: 323
Stairs or steps: 292Fishing: 268
Wheelchairs: 253Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 248
Chairs: 238Razors or shavers: 220
Bicycles or accessories: 188Sofas, couches, davenports, divans or studio couches: 151
Ceilings and walls: 149Medical equipment, general: 146
Pens and pencils: 119Ladders: 115
Desks, chests, bureaus or buffets: 105Toothpicks or hor d'oeuvres picks: 102
Insect induced injuries: 94Hair clippers and trimmers: 89
Gas-burning fireplaces: 87Scuba diving: 86
Hot tubs or home spas: 80Vacuum cleaners: 80
Hair curlers, curling irons, clips & hairpins: 74Eyeglasses: 74
Built-in swimming pools: 73Trays: 73
Exercise: 73Softball: 73
Lawn mowers: 71Scaffolding: 71
Fences or fence posts: 71Batteries: 71
Chain saws: 71Escalators: 59
Toilets: 59Cardboard products: 59
Swings or swing sets: 59Sinks: 59
Hoists, lifts, jacks or jack stands: 59Runners, throw rugs or doormats: 45
Televisions: 45Alcohol: 45
Air conditioners: 43Combs or hairbrushes: 30
Golf: 30Swimming pools: 30
Pet supplies: 15Soaps: 15
Telephones or telephone accessories: 15Elevators or other lifts: 15
Bathtub or shower enclosures: 15Fans: 15
Welding equipment: 15Horseback riding: 15
Glass alcoholic beverage bottles: 14Handrails, railings or banisters: 14
Gasoline: 14Internal combustion engines: 14
Doorsills or frames: 14Kitchen gadgets: 14
Nonelectric razors or shavers: 14Furniture: 14
Counters or countertops: 14Pillows: 14
Radiators: 14Pipes: 14
Bed rails: 14Aircraft: 14

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