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Accidents - 50+ years old - Year 1997 - Eyeball


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 22,335
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Adhesives: 1,096Bleaches: 987
Power workshop grinders, buffers or polishers: 947Lawn mowers: 918
Welding equipment: 649Eyeglasses: 577
Combs or hairbrushes: 472Tables: 454
Aerosol containers: 454General purpose household cleaners: 389
Ceilings and walls: 377Floors or flooring materials: 338
Pruning or trimming equipment: 331Chemicals: 324
Saws: 319Hammers: 307
Power saws: 288Toilets: 267
Nails, screws, carpet tacks or thumbtacks: 266Wire: 265
Chain saws: 260Beds: 259
Eye protection devices: 256Drills: 256
Manual cleaning equipment: 253Clothing: 248
Bathtubs or showers: 239House repair or construction materials: 236
Cutting torches: 231Other unpowered garden tools: 216
Porches, balconies, open-side floors or floor openings: 216Paints, varnishes or shellacs: 214
Paper products: 204Power lawn mowers: 192
Swimming pool chemicals: 191Ammonia, household: 191
Portable circular power saws: 189Televisions: 187
Drinking glasses: 179Containers: 167
Tennis: 164Toilet bowl products: 164
Lawn trimmers or edgers, powered: 163Other windows or window glass: 159
Drain cleaners: 155First aid equipment: 146
Doors: 142Scissors: 142
Oven cleaners: 133Riding power lawn mowers: 132
Greenhouse or gardening supplies: 132Manual lawn trimmers or edgers: 132
Screen doors: 132Cigarettes, cigars, pipes or tobacco: 131
Squash, racquet ball or paddle ball: 126Batteries: 125
Golf: 108Wheelchairs: 105
Hair curlers, curling irons, clips & hairpins: 102Fishing: 101
Lubricants: 98Garden hoses, nozzles or sprinklers: 98
Bicycles or accessories: 96Electric welding equipment: 96
Basketball: 96Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 95
Wood paneling and particleboard: 93Portable power workshop grinders, buffers or polishers: 91
Paint or varnish thinners: 89Automotive chemicals: 88
Fences or fence posts: 87Christmas decorations: 86
Acids: 84Unpowered models or parts: 84
Oil furnaces: 84Other fireplaces: 84
Soaps: 84Rugs or carpets: 84
Diesel fuels: 84Microwave ovens: 84
Seasonal decorations: 84Draperies, curtains or shower curtains: 81
Bench or table saws: 81Toy sports equipment: 81
Desk supplies: 81Tools: 81
Luggage: 80Flatware: 75
Clocks: 75Aquariums or accessories: 75
Cardboard products: 74Window screens: 74
Rope or string: 74Screwdrivers: 74
Swimming: 74Furniture: 74
Ladders: 74Caustics: 74
Keys, key rings or key chains: 74BBs or pellets: 70
Electric razors or shavers: 70Window shades, venetian blinds or indoor shutters: 70
Mobile/manufactured homes: 69Power leaf mulchers and grinders: 69
Thermal or sound insulation materials: 69Snow skiing: 67
Other ranges: 66Paint or varnish removers, paintbrush cleaners: 66
Manual filing or sanding tools: 66Other power saws: 66
Manual hedge trimmers: 66Hair grooming equipment or accessories: 66
Stairs or steps: 66Workshop compounds or chemicals: 66
Built-in swimming pools: 66Metal containers: 57
Fire extinguishers: 44Stretch cords or stretch straps: 39
Poles: 38Sinks: 38
Clothing accessories: 37Other toys: 23
Tape recorders or players: 22Light bulbs: 22
Bowling: 22Windows or window glass: 22
Exercise equipment: 22Chairs: 22
Handrails, railings or banisters: 21Manicuring devices: 21
Gutters, drainpipes, downspouts or run-off pipes: 21Knives: 21
Wooden containers: 21Automotive waxes, polishes or cleaners: 21
Artificial Christmas trees: 21Bags: 19
Glass alcoholic beverage bottles: 19Doorsills or frames: 19
General home or room involvement in fires: 19Hearing aids: 19
Gasoline: 19Baby carriers: 19
Bedsprings or bedframes: 19Fireplace equipment: 19
Baseball: 19Other manual pruning or trimming equipment: 18
Pine oil cleaning and disinfectant preparations: 18Plastic wrapping products: 18
Drapery or curtain rods, hooks or rings: 18Bottles or jars: 18

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