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Accidents - 6-15 years old - Year 1999 - Pubic Region


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 13,948
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Accidents - Sex

Accidents - Race


Bicycles or accessories: 3,899Monkey bars, playground gyms or other playground climbing apparatus: 621
Soccer: 490Fences or fence posts: 406
Day wear: 349Football: 343
Bathtubs or showers: 332Stairs or steps: 328
Beds: 321Poles: 314
Bedsprings or bedframes: 263Chairs: 255
Swimming: 229Swimming pools: 222
Other toys: 216Bunk beds: 202
Diving or diving boards: 195Skateboards: 181
Built-in swimming pools: 176Counters or countertops: 175
Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 172Porches, balconies, open-side floors or floor openings: 171
Desks, chests, bureaus or buffets: 161Wrestling: 157
Beach chairs or folding chairs: 155Basketball: 153
Baseball: 152Glass bathtub or shower enclosures: 146
Sofas, couches, davenports, divans or studio couches: 123Swings or swing sets: 122
Ceilings and walls: 111Floors or flooring materials: 111
Trampolines: 110In-line skating: 95
Slides or sliding boards: 94Tableware and accessories: 94
Dancing: 89Gymnastics: 87
Crib extender rails or youth bed rails: 85Gas, air or spring-operated guns: 84
Scooters, unpowered: 82Bars and bar accessories: 80
Tables: 76Containers: 76
Exercise: 76Go-carts: 76
Drapery or curtain rods, hooks or rings: 72Benches: 72
Carts: 71Wheeled riding toys, unpowered: 71
Other plastic products: 71Playground equipment: 70
Stereo or hi-fi components or accessories: 68Razors or shavers: 66
Horseback riding: 66All-terrain vehicles: 66
Two-wheeled, powered, off-road vehicles: 55Pogo sticks: 54
Weight lifting: 43Grocery or shopping carts: 41
Tennis: 41Footwear: 40
Pipes: 27Other playground equipment: 23
Snow boarding: 23Handrails, railings or banisters: 23
Hockey: 23Other ranges: 18
Ramps or landings: 18Hair curlers, curling irons, clips & hairpins: 18
Personal protection devices: 18Faucets or spigots: 17
Adhesives: 17Step stools: 17
Kitchen gadgets: 17Doors: 17
Hot water: 17Manual cleaning equipment: 17
Martial arts: 17Radiators: 10
Paper products: 10Toilets: 10
Billiards or pool: 10Exercise equipment: 10
Knickknacks, statues, vases or urns: 5Waterbeds or water pillows: 5
Soaps: 5Metal containers: 5
Buckets or pails: 5Nonglass doors: 5
Garden hoses, nozzles or sprinklers: 5Sleds: 5
Seesaws or teeterboards: 5Skating: 5
Ladders: 5Lockers: 5
Wading pools: 5Wagons: 5
Cheerleading: 5Nails, screws, carpet tacks or thumbtacks: 5
Other unpowered garden tools: 5Washing machines: 5
Scissors: 5

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