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Accidents - 26-50 years old - Years 1997-2010 - All Of Body


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 715,065
See also: Lethal accidents, Other age groups, Other body parts.

Accidents - Years 1997-2010

Year 1997:28,387
Year 1998:32,076
Year 1999:37,572
Year 2000:48,642
Year 2001:61,351
Year 2002:56,678
Year 2003:55,665
Year 2004:52,969
Year 2005:53,054
Year 2006:55,499
Year 2007:52,781
Year 2008:55,433
Year 2009:57,686
Year 2010:67,264

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Floors or flooring materials: 62,894General home or room involvement in fires: 53,644
Bleaches: 28,574Exercise: 27,531
Carbon monoxide poisonings: 24,878Stairs or steps: 20,737
Alcohol: 16,896Bathtubs or showers: 14,766
Bicycles or accessories: 14,375Soaps: 14,112
General purpose household cleaners: 14,081Laundry soaps or detergents: 13,578
Chemicals: 12,113Chairs: 9,183
Swimming pool chemicals: 8,244Other furnaces: 8,158
Beds or bedframes: 7,909Paints, varnishes or shellacs: 7,750
Lawn mowers: 7,229Swimming: 6,582
Sofas, couches, davenports, divans or studio couches: 6,293Ammonia, household: 6,072
Gasoline: 5,649Toilets: 5,411
Beds: 5,096Electrical wire or wiring systems: 5,053
Cigarettes, cigars, pipes or tobacco: 5,035Bottles or jars: 4,951
Tablet or capsule drugs: 4,755Ceilings and walls: 4,736
Swimming pools: 4,712Glass alcoholic beverage bottles: 4,464
Illegal drugs: 4,452Exercise equipment: 4,372
House repair or construction materials: 4,142Carbon monoxide detectors: 3,964
Televisions: 3,557Porches, balconies, open-side floors or floor openings: 3,531
Basketball: 3,478Benches: 3,397
All-terrain vehicles: 3,253Golf: 3,238
Gas furnaces: 3,180Drain cleaners: 3,177
Detergents: 3,166Tables: 3,039
Other ranges: 3,025Wheelchairs: 2,870
Ladders: 2,868Other ranges or ovens: 2,777
Gas fumes or gas vapors of unknown origin: 2,701Fences or fence posts: 2,656
Computers: 2,655Telephones or telephone accessories: 2,603
Generators or power plants: 2,549Clothes dryers: 2,492
Acids: 2,448Day wear: 2,411
Hot tubs or home spas: 2,384Clothing: 2,355
Aerosol containers: 2,352Rugs or carpets: 2,318
Heaters or heating systems: 2,295Gas or LP heaters: 2,280
Weight lifting: 2,215Oil furnaces: 2,184
Doors: 2,162Refrigerators: 2,121
Kerosene or oil heaters: 2,120Fishing: 2,083
Paint or varnish thinners: 2,072Bags: 2,025
Water heaters: 1,989Built-in swimming pools: 1,987
Containers: 1,975Tennis: 1,927
Electrical outlets or receptacles: 1,916Track and field: 1,884
Cookware: 1,813Furniture: 1,804
Dancing: 1,714Knives: 1,670
Windows and window glass, other than storm windows: 1,640Gas ranges or ovens: 1,637
Personal protection devices: 1,632Snow skiing: 1,618
Candles, candlesticks and other candle holders: 1,591Clothing accessories: 1,589
Elevators or other lifts: 1,563Tableware and accessories: 1,543
Fabric treatment products: 1,543Liquid drugs: 1,513
Softball: 1,494Thermal or sound insulation materials: 1,485
Boilers: 1,478Mobile/manufactured homes: 1,478
Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 1,465Pine oil cleaning and disinfectant preparations: 1,459
Propane, LP or butane gas tanks or fittings: 1,453Baseball: 1,453
Air conditioners: 1,451Manual snow or ice removal tools: 1,420
Adhesives: 1,368Barstools or kitchen stools: 1,350
Horseback riding: 1,327Gas or LP grills or stoves: 1,282
Mattresses: 1,279Sinks: 1,268
Drinking glasses: 1,227Two-wheeled, powered, off-road vehicles: 1,207
Desks, chests, bureaus or buffets: 1,200Manual cleaning equipment: 1,180
Vacuum cleaners: 1,168Fire extinguishers: 1,163
Other toys: 1,154Coal or wood-burning stoves: 1,153
Foods: 1,142Automotive chemicals: 1,133
Soccer: 1,132Toilet bowl products: 1,111
Pipes: 1,109Waste containers, trash baskets or refuse bins: 1,107
Motor vehicles or parts: 1,098Scuba diving: 1,060
Other fireplaces: 1,058Insect induced injuries: 1,042
Panelboards, circuit breakers, ground fault circuit interrupters: 1,006Padlocks, chain locks or other locks: 992
Antifreeze: 967Lawn trimmers or edgers, powered: 962
Fans: 944Football: 931
Power lawn mowers: 903Spot removers or cleaning fluids: 895
Microwave ovens: 885Counters or countertops: 858
Floor lamps or table lamps: 810Bowling: 807
Windows or window glass: 806Other drugs or medications: 801
Light bulbs: 791Mountain or all-terrain bicycles or accessories: 785
Footwear: 757Welding equipment: 753
Metal containers: 748Pruning or trimming equipment: 726
Oven cleaners: 723Other unpowered garden tools: 705
Surfing: 701Sheets or pillowcases: 692
Sprayers: 684Blankets: 683
Nonglass bottles or jars: 682Volleyball: 649
Abrasive cleaners: 648Electric ranges or ovens: 639
Plastic bags: 623Grills: 616
Fertilizers and other chemicals for outdoor use: 612Handrails, railings or banisters: 599
Fire or smoke alarms: 599Electric ranges: 594
Chimneys: 593Paint or varnish removers, paintbrush cleaners: 593
Painting equipment, powered: 588Diesel fuels: 587
Liquid room deodorizers or fresheners: 578Ductwork for heating or cooling systems: 577
Snowmobiles: 573Charcoal or wood-burning grills: 557
Paper products: 556Gas ranges: 550
Caulking or spackling compounds: 541Dyes: 537
Other ovens: 537Balloons: 530
Public equipment: 519Crutches, canes or walkers: 517
Vending machines: 511Amusement attractions: 492
Sports and recreational activity: 492Power saws: 483
Doorsills or frames: 481Desk supplies: 478
Other containers: 466Nails, screws, carpet tacks or thumbtacks: 459
Poles: 455Automotive waxes, polishes or cleaners: 444
Nonelectric blankets: 436Batteries: 435
Windshield wiper fluids: 435Riding power lawn mowers: 433
Nonelectric toothbrushes: 433Pumps: 429
Camping equipment: 419Room deodorizers or fresheners: 416
Cigarette or pipe lighters: 415Washing machines: 414
Rotary power lawn mowers: 414Freezers: 411
Fuel oils: 409Dishwashing liquid: 403
Portable gas or LP heaters: 401First aid equipment: 391
Electric lighting equipment: 390Tractors: 390
Tool sheds: 384Toasters: 375
Charcoal: 371Rope or string: 362
Christmas tree lights: 361Plastic containers: 359
Baby bottles or nipples: 353Aspirin substitutes: 349
Towels or cloths: 349Garden hoses, nozzles or sprinklers: 347
Kerosene: 342Fuel storage tanks: 342
Lighting equipment: 336Extension cords: 331
Fertilizers: 330Hair dryers: 330
Outerwear: 328Pet supplies: 321
Musical instruments, not electric or not battery operated: 319Draperies, curtains or shower curtains: 313
Air compressors: 309Room-sized, wall-to-wall or outdoor carpeting: 307
Swimming pool equipment: 305Sleds: 301
Oral hygiene products: 288Stools: 286
Nonbaby mattresses: 283Methyl alcohol: 279
Ice hockey: 279Radios: 278
Nonelectric razors or shavers: 275Razors or shavers: 271
Stereo or hi-fi components or accessories: 265Chair, recliner: 264
Caustics: 261Cardboard products: 259
Internal combustion engines: 257Lubricants: 255
Wire: 252Squash, racquet ball or paddle ball: 252
Glass bottles or jars: 246Electric heaters: 242
Grocery or shopping carts: 240Rugby: 239
Chain saws: 235Other power saws: 231
Clothing irons: 228Bedspreads, throws or comforters: 225
Electric coffee makers or teapots: 224Pesticides: 224
Pillows: 224Tools: 219
Plastic products: 215Bleachers: 214
Go-carts: 213Animal induced injury: 213
Cords, electrical: 213Workshop compounds or chemicals: 212
Luggage: 212Scaffolding: 210
Buckets or pails: 209Aquariums or accessories: 206
Umbrellas: 205Flatware: 205
Jewelry: 198Diving or diving boards: 195
Appliances: 193Mopeds or power-assisted cycles: 189
Ball sports: 186In-line skating: 186
Other clothing: 184Saunas: 183
Electric chandeliers, hanging lamps or other attached light fixtures: 182Gas-burning fireplaces: 182
Tapes: 182Water softeners or conditioners: 180
Ice skating: 179Carts: 179
Garage doors: 178Greenhouse or gardening supplies: 176
Battery chargers: 176Manicuring devices: 171
Manual push mowers: 170Thermostats: 169
Other electric lighting equipment: 169Drinking fountains: 169
Other specified plastic products: 168Decorative yard equipment: 167
Window shades, venetian blinds or indoor shutters: 167Bathtub or shower enclosures: 167
Hoists, lifts, jacks or jack stands: 166Bunk beds: 166
Keys, key rings or key chains: 165Pedal-powered adult vehicles: 164
Hammers: 164Floor waxes: 162
Medical equipment, general: 161Solid room deodorizers or fresheners: 157
Scooters/skateboards, powered: 157Radiators: 157
Dishwasher detergents: 155Plants, trees and shrubs: 154
Wood burning fireplaces: 154Range or oven accessories: 154
Hot water: 153Business and office machines: 152
Windowsills or frames: 149Saws: 148
Heat or infrared lamps: 147Rug shampooers: 146
Outdoor antennas: 145Recliner chairs: 144
Gas ovens: 142Drugs or medications: 141
Lye: 139Billiards or pool: 138
Solvents: 138Nightwear: 138
Power tillers or cultivators: 137Electric toothbrushes or oral irrigators: 136
Other power garden tools: 135Stationary power drills and accessories: 135
Garden tractors: 134Water skiing: 133
Drills: 133Manual scissors: 133
Gas or LP floor or wall heaters: 132Ice makers: 132
Tombstones or grave markers: 129Sewing basket articles: 128
Plastic wrapping products: 128Other Irons: 125
Brushcutters, powered: 125Mountain climbing: 124
Dishwashers: 123Tape recorders or players: 121
Water tubing: 121Furniture polishes or waxes: 119
Eyeglasses: 117Christmas decorations: 114
Photographic equipment: 114Metal polishes, tarnish removers or preventatives: 114
Escalators: 112Snow throwers/blowers: 111
Lighter fluids: 108Step stools: 107
Garbage disposers: 107Electric soldering equipment: 107
School laboratory chemicals: 105Metal cookware: 104
Cabinet or door hardware: 104Chair, rocking: 103
Hypodermic needles or syringes: 102Automatic doors: 102
Hockey: 102Wigs, falls or hairpieces: 100
Heat pumps: 99Hair curlers, curling irons, clips & hairpins: 98
Wallpaper cleaners: 97Fireworks: 95
Turpentine: 95Automotive tools or accessories: 94
Hair grooming equipment or accessories: 94Motorized vehicles: 94
Power sanders: 92Electric Christmas decorations: 92
Pens and pencils: 92Electric welding equipment: 92
Ramps or landings: 91Clocks: 89
Power drills or accessories: 89Electric deep fryers: 89
Workshop furnishings: 87Skating: 87
Hot plates: 86Slicers and choppers: 86
Cots: 85Flying toys: 85
Other ball sports: 84Other grills or stoves: 84
Portable food or beverage coolers: 84Electric ovens: 83
Portable power drills and accessories: 82Glass bathtub or shower enclosures: 82
Electric blankets or sheets: 81Coal furnaces: 80
Electric kettles or hot pots: 80Aspirin or aspirin compounds: 80
Lighters: 78Electric grills: 77
Bedsprings or bedframes: 77Flashlights or battery-powered lanterns: 77
Garden sprayers: 76Lamp oils: 76
Bench or table saws: 76Croquet: 76
Slides or sliding boards: 76Other polishes: 75
Cisterns, cesspools or septic tanks: 75Humidifiers: 75
Mirrors or mirror glass: 74Power hedge trimmers: 74
Baby gates or barriers: 74Log splitters: 71
Artificial flowers or plants: 71Flying discs and boomerangs: 71
Surge suppressors or power strips: 71Outdoor electric lighting equipment: 71
Other manual workshop tools: 71Electric motors: 71
Wallpaper: 70Portable circular power saws: 70
Eye protection devices: 70Wood paneling and particleboard: 69
Watches: 69Snow boarding: 69
Slow cookers: 68Magazine racks or book ends: 68
Telescopes, binoculars, microscopes or magnifying glasses: 68Electric trains or accessories: 68
Power pruning or trimming equipment: 67Sliding glass doors or panels: 67
BBs or pellets: 67Brick, stone or masonry chimneys: 67
Roller hockey: 67Tie racks, belt racks or other clothes hangers: 67
Screen doors: 66Other ladders: 66
Kitchen gadgets: 66Hand saws: 66
Power leaf mulchers and grinders: 66Sound recording, reproducing or receiving equipment: 66
Musical instruments, electric or battery operated: 66Glass doors or doors with glass panels: 65
Built-in fireplaces: 63Other glass bottles or jars: 62
Portable swimming pools: 62Cosmetics: 62
Stretch cords or stretch straps: 60Coins: 59
Filters: 59Rust removers: 59
Other bedding: 59Flotation toys: 59
Beach chairs or folding chairs: 51Incinerators: 50
Plant foods or fertilizers for potted plants: 49Golf carts: 48
Screwdrivers: 48Coffee makers or teapots: 47
Ceramics supplies or equipment: 47Martial arts: 46
Leaf blowers: 46Pliers, wire cutters or wrenches: 45
Skateboards: 45Waterbeds or water pillows: 38
Other heaters or heating systems: 36Electric frying pans and skillets: 36
Self-contained openers: 36Bassinets or cradles: 35
Sun lamps: 35Manual filing or sanding tools: 34
Fire escape devices: 33Ear protection devices: 32
Other portable or stationary power tools: 32Crayons or chalk: 32
Thermometers: 32Fuel-burning lighting equipment: 32
Trays: 32Faucets or spigots: 31
Paper bags: 31Aluminum foil wrapping products: 31
Boxing: 31Liniments or rubbing compounds: 30
Book bags or back carriers: 30Respiratory protection devices: 30
Portable electric heaters: 30Power workshop grinders, buffers or polishers: 30
Antihistamines: 20Unpowered models or parts: 19
Storm doors with glass panels: 18Night-lights: 18
Amateur two-way radios: 18Minibikes, powered: 18
Laundry baskets: 17Manual lawn trimmers or edgers: 17
Heavy-duty workshop staplers: 17Steam irons: 17
High chairs: 17Bars and bar accessories: 17
Baby strollers: 17Artificial Christmas trees: 17
Vaporizers: 16Scooters, unpowered: 16
Potholders, oven mitts or hot pads: 16Dry ice: 16
Gas, air or spring-operated guns: 16Knives with replaceable blades: 16
Knickknacks, statues, vases or urns: 16Bedding: 16
Roller skating: 16Wagons: 16
Dehumidifiers: 16Electric baseboard heaters: 16
Massage devices or vibrators: 16Electric blenders: 15
Faucet water heaters: 15Safety pins: 15
Games or game parts: 15Matches: 15
Other windows or window glass: 15Towel racks or bars: 15
Clotheslines or clothes drying racks: 15Cheerleading: 15
Recording tapes: 15Laundry hampers: 15
Electric corn poppers: 15Books, magazines, albums or scrapbooks: 15
Floor furnaces: 15Fireplace equipment: 15
Floor buffers or waxers: 15Bread making machines: 15
Runners, throw rugs or doormats: 15Tree stands: 15
Electric counter-top ovens, broilers or toaster ovens: 15Footstools, ottomans or hassocks: 15
Electric immersion water heaters: 15Engine fuels for models: 15
Gutters, drainpipes, downspouts or run-off pipes: 15Art and ceramic supplies or equipment: 15
Pressurized containers: 15Trampolines: 15
Hatchets or axes: 15Photographic chemicals: 15
Trains: 15Table tennis: 15
Bottle warmers: 15Lockers: 14
Chains: 14Licensed two-wheeled motor vehicles: 14
Electric heating pads: 14Kites or kite string: 14

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