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Accidents - 26-50 years old - Year 2006 - Eyeball


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 87,781
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Welding equipment: 7,870Workshop grinders, buffers, or polishers: 6,655
Lawn mowers: 2,305Bleaches: 2,209
House repair or construction materials: 1,998Adhesives: 1,873
General purpose household cleaners: 1,867Lawn trimmers or edgers, powered: 1,705
Paper products: 1,561Drills: 1,521
Saws: 1,449Power workshop grinders, buffers or polishers: 1,444
Ceilings and walls: 1,208Paints, varnishes or shellacs: 1,159
Basketball: 1,139Nails, screws, carpet tacks or thumbtacks: 1,071
Batteries: 940Bicycles or accessories: 920
Motor vehicles or parts: 897Hammers: 820
Eye protection devices: 817Tools: 783
Other toys: 750Gasoline: 748
Tie racks, belt racks or other clothes hangers: 702Chain saws: 679
Plants, trees and shrubs: 644Stretch cords or stretch straps: 623
Combs or hairbrushes: 608Cigarettes, cigars, pipes or tobacco: 607
Chemicals: 605Personal protection devices: 591
Power saws: 563Light bulbs: 562
Day wear: 560Floors or flooring materials: 548
Cardboard products: 542Soccer: 525
Gas, air or spring-operated guns: 507Doors: 503
Books, magazines, albums or scrapbooks: 491Fishing: 479
Portable circular power saws: 446Soaps: 431
Pipes: 429Televisions: 426
Windows and window glass, other than storm windows: 423Keys, key rings or key chains: 419
Beds or bedframes: 414Eyeglasses: 412
Containers: 412Swimming: 411
Fences or fence posts: 404Thermal or sound insulation materials: 394
Fans: 391Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 386
Drain cleaners: 384Manual cleaning equipment: 382
Drinking glasses: 381Softball: 375
Hair curlers, curling irons, clips & hairpins: 371Porches, balconies, open-side floors or floor openings: 364
Artificial Christmas trees: 346Garden hoses, nozzles or sprinklers: 343
Power lawn mowers: 339Power sanders: 339
Christmas tree lights: 332Pens and pencils: 327
Fireworks: 321Contact lenses: 320
Bathtubs or showers: 310Screwdrivers: 307
Acids: 307Football: 297
Other unpowered garden tools: 296Foods: 293
Squash, racquet ball or paddle ball: 291Metal containers: 289
Golf: 283Telephones or telephone accessories: 278
Aerosol containers: 278Wire: 272
Desk supplies: 263Pruning or trimming equipment: 262
Grills: 259Clothing accessories: 253
Automotive chemicals: 237Computers: 235
Balloons: 225Hockey: 222
Toilet bowl products: 222Other sound recording, reproducing or receiving equipment: 218
Knives: 218Sheets or pillowcases: 212
Manual workshop grinders, buffers or polishers: 206Bench or table saws: 206
Tennis: 194Christmas decorations: 194
Baseball: 190Exercise: 188
Air conditioners: 177Furniture: 177
Bags: 177Weight lifting: 175
Water skiing: 173Cigarette or pipe lighters: 173
Towels or cloths: 173Pictures, picture frames or wall decorations: 162
Paint or varnish thinners: 161Paint or varnish removers, paintbrush cleaners: 159
Liquid room deodorizers or fresheners: 159Wood paneling and particleboard: 158
Jewelry: 157Pet supplies: 155
Toilets: 155Gutters, drainpipes, downspouts or run-off pipes: 152
Cutting torches: 150Spot removers or cleaning fluids: 150
Other portable or stationary power tools: 148Stairs or steps: 147
Swimming pool chemicals: 146Cosmetics: 146
Ductwork for heating or cooling systems: 146Vacuum cleaners: 135
Leaf blowers: 134Drinking straws: 133
Manicuring devices: 133Tables: 131
Caulking or spackling compounds: 131Business and office machines: 131
Animal induced injury: 128Sofas, couches, davenports, divans or studio couches: 128
Exercise equipment: 119Fire extinguishers: 119
Licensed two-wheeled motor vehicles: 119Swimming pools: 117
Cords, electrical: 117Rugs or carpets: 117
Two-wheeled, powered, off-road vehicles: 115Chains: 111
Detergents: 110Tableware and accessories: 110
Sprayers: 110Blankets: 110
All-terrain vehicles: 106Martial arts: 105
Flatware: 104Costumes or masks: 103
Cookware: 102Flying toys: 102
Power drills or accessories: 102Luggage: 101
Laundry soaps or detergents: 101Ammonia, household: 90
Waste containers, trash baskets or refuse bins: 90Other manual workshop tools: 88
Tree stands: 87Scuba diving: 86
Room-sized, wall-to-wall or outdoor carpeting: 86Trampolines: 86
First aid equipment: 86Trash compactors: 86
Dune buggies/beach buggies: 86Filters: 86
Portable power drills and accessories: 86Water polo: 86
Floor waxes: 86Candles, candlesticks and other candle holders: 86
Power leaf mulchers and grinders: 86Manual scissors: 86
Paintbrushes or rollers, manual: 86Greenhouse or gardening supplies: 86
Heavy-duty workshop staplers: 86Plastic containers: 86
Musical instruments, not electric or not battery operated: 86BBs or pellets: 86
Pine oil cleaning and disinfectant preparations: 85Nonglass bottles or jars: 82
Wigs, falls or hairpieces: 79Toy sports equipment: 79
Fertilizers: 79Room deodorizers or fresheners: 79
Pliers, wire cutters or wrenches: 79Chairs: 79
Awls, chisels or planes: 79Sinks: 79
General home or room involvement in fires: 79Volleyball: 79
Lighting equipment: 79Mopeds or power-assisted cycles: 75
Poles: 75Counters or countertops: 75
Other antennas: 75Footwear: 75
Clothing: 75Drapery or curtain rods, hooks or rings: 75
Bottles or jars: 75Other furnaces: 74
Manual push mowers: 73Portable baby swings: 73
Darts: 73Knife sharpeners: 73
Artificial flowers or plants: 73Brushcutters, powered: 73
Jigsaws: 71Outdoor awnings or shutters: 71
Antifreeze: 71Boxing: 71
Caustics: 71Metal or plastic molding sets: 71
Inflatable toys: 71Fabrics: 71
Wallpaper: 71Other toy weapons: 71
Outdoor electric lighting equipment: 71Diapers: 71
Batons: 71Nonelectric toothbrushes: 71
Pins and needles: 71Camping equipment: 71
Other clothing: 71Bath or facial brushes: 71
Propane, LP or butane gas tanks or fittings: 71Faucets or spigots: 71
Paper bags: 71Rug shampooers: 67
Street hockey: 59Public equipment: 59
Fertilizers and other chemicals for outdoor use: 59Other specified plastic products: 59
Kitchen gadgets: 59Soldering equipment: 59
Guns: 59Manual snow or ice removal tools: 59
Lighter fluids: 59Mirrors or mirror glass: 59
Hair grooming equipment or accessories: 59Blocks, stacking toys or pull toys: 59
Other glass bottles or jars: 59Pillows: 59
Electrical wire or wiring systems: 59Seasonal decorations: 59
Nail guns or stud drivers: 58Oven cleaners: 55
Hot water: 46Manual filing or sanding tools: 46
Glass alcoholic beverage bottles: 46Window shades, venetian blinds or indoor shutters: 46
Other ball sports: 46Snow skiing: 45
Other ranges or ovens: 43Decorative yard equipment: 40
Fuel multi-purpose lighters: 33Runners, throw rugs or doormats: 30
Dishwashing liquid: 30Boats and boating: 30
Umbrellas: 30Draperies, curtains or shower curtains: 30
Garbage disposers: 30Matches: 30
Lubricants: 30Lockers: 30
Clothing irons: 30Garage doors: 30
Lye: 30Other playground equipment: 15
Rugby: 15Windshield wiper fluids: 15
Built-in swimming pools: 15Washing machines: 15
Go-carts: 15Fencing: 15
Swimming pool equipment: 15Archery: 15
Coffee makers or teapots: 15Outerwear: 15
Amusement attractions: 15Heaters or heating systems: 15
Toy guns with projectiles: 15Solid room deodorizers or fresheners: 15
Cabinet or door hardware: 15Abrasive cleaners: 15
Hatchets or axes: 15Charcoal: 15
Lacrosse: 15Tool sheds: 15
Art supplies or equipment: 15Grocery or shopping carts: 15
Dollies, handtrucks or luggage carriers: 15Liniments or rubbing compounds: 15
Carts: 15Bunk beds: 15
Pesticides: 15Automotive tools or accessories: 15
Clothespins: 15Electric blenders: 15
Crayons or chalk: 15Water heaters: 15
Insect induced injuries: 15Wrestling: 15
Roller skating: 15Freezers: 15
Metal cookware: 14Stools: 14
Appliances: 14Refrigerators: 14
Other fireplaces: 14Automotive waxes, polishes or cleaners: 14
Gas fumes or gas vapors of unknown origin: 14Dancing: 14

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