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Accidents - 0-5 years old - Year 2010 - Finger


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Number Of Accidents (Estimate): 106,764
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Doors: 35,162Metal containers: 5,972
Knives: 4,600Bicycles or accessories: 2,888
Windows and window glass, other than storm windows: 1,828Nonelectric razors or shavers: 1,768
Drinking glasses: 1,530Tables: 1,499
Manicuring devices: 1,492Scissors: 1,339
Exercise equipment: 1,320Other ranges or ovens: 1,316
Grocery or shopping carts: 1,310Chairs: 1,224
Tableware and accessories: 1,179Hair curlers, curling irons, clips & hairpins: 1,101
Bowling: 1,085Cabinets, racks, room dividers and shelves: 1,083
Desks, chests, bureaus or buffets: 1,082Other toys: 1,045
Jewelry: 1,015Fences or fence posts: 886
Glass doors or doors with glass panels: 874Beach chairs or folding chairs: 823
Floors or flooring materials: 815Manual scissors: 689
Knives with replaceable blades: 687Beds or bedframes: 646
Bathtubs or showers: 642Fishing: 637
Sofas, couches, davenports, divans or studio couches: 637Doorsills or frames: 637
Weight lifting: 575Waste containers, trash baskets or refuse bins: 553
Pictures, picture frames or wall decorations: 537Fans: 528
Refrigerators: 518Stairs or steps: 481
Baby strollers: 462Knickknacks, statues, vases or urns: 440
Cabinet or door hardware: 440Other manual workshop tools: 435
Drapery or curtain rods, hooks or rings: 433Grills: 431
Mirrors or mirror glass: 415Kitchen gadgets: 402
Candles, candlesticks and other candle holders: 401Basketball: 392
Desk supplies: 391Clothing irons: 376
Scooters, unpowered: 370Razors or shavers: 364
Chair, recliner: 357Monkey bars, playground gyms or other playground climbing apparatus: 356
Tape recorders or players: 345Swings or swing sets: 326
Garage doors: 323Slides or sliding boards: 312
Light bulbs: 308Christmas decorations: 300
Business and office machines: 299Car seats: 277
Televisions: 267Nails, screws, carpet tacks or thumbtacks: 265
Tricycles: 256Pet supplies: 256
Chair, rocking: 254Baseball: 235
Toy vehicles: 234Clocks: 234
Electrical outlets or receptacles: 232Electric blenders: 229
Ductwork for heating or cooling systems: 222Pruning or trimming equipment: 216
Bathtub or shower enclosures: 214Balls: 200
Glass bottles or jars: 200Containers: 196
Ceilings and walls: 195Toilets: 189
Dishwashers: 185Computers: 184
Benches: 168Cookware: 166
Skateboards: 161Trays: 155
All-terrain vehicles: 152Swimming pools: 152
Dolls, plush toys, and action figures: 148Wagons: 146
Blocks, stacking toys or pull toys: 146Seasonal decorations: 142
Playground equipment: 141Other glass bottles or jars: 140
Charcoal: 140Amusement attractions: 140
Slicers and choppers: 134Manual cleaning equipment: 133
Elevators or other lifts: 131Football: 131
Hammers: 131Floor lamps or table lamps: 130
Soccer: 125Other fireplaces: 119
Porches, balconies, open-side floors or floor openings: 119Decorative yard equipment: 117
Tools: 117Ball sports: 113
Washing machines: 112Escalators: 111
Heaters or heating systems: 110Hot water: 109
Pipes: 109Pens and pencils: 108
Hoists, lifts, jacks or jack stands: 103Stools: 103
Fireworks: 103Baby gates or barriers: 101
Pretend electronics, tools, housewares, and appliances: 96Pliers, wire cutters or wrenches: 93
Seesaws or teeterboards: 92Handrails, railings or banisters: 92
Poles: 92Cribs: 91
Fireplace equipment: 87Automatic doors: 87
Paper products: 86Toy boxes or chests: 85
Air conditioners: 85Manual hedge trimmers: 85
Toothpicks or hor d'oeuvres picks: 83Public equipment: 82
Electric ranges or ovens: 82Other manual pruning or trimming equipment: 81
Bleaches: 79Vacuum cleaners: 79
Mopeds or power-assisted cycles: 77Kitchen mixing bowls, canisters or similar containers: 76
Umbrellas: 76Scooters/skateboards, powered: 76
Stepladders: 76Electric griddles: 76
Lighting equipment: 76Wheelbarrows or lawn carts: 76
Power hedge trimmers: 76Power drills or accessories: 76
Manual push mowers: 76Fertilizers: 76
Baby carriers: 76Laundry baskets: 76
Greenhouse or gardening supplies: 75Other unpowered garden tools: 74
Furniture: 74Glass tubing or test tubes: 71
Dyes: 71Coal or wood-burning stoves: 71
Photographic equipment: 71Electric heaters: 71
Vises or workshop clamps: 71Horseshoes: 71
Gymnastics: 71Nonbaby mattresses: 71
Propane, LP or butane gas tanks or fittings: 70Chains: 70
Portable power drills and accessories: 70Portable circular power saws: 70
Baby walkers or jumpers: 70Powered riding toys: 70
Rope or string: 70Other electric lighting equipment: 70
Lawn trimmers or edgers, powered: 70Day wear: 69
Bottles or jars: 69Sinks: 69
Attachable high chairs: 63Incinerators: 63
Freezers: 63Heavy-duty workshop staplers: 63
Outdoor patio heaters or firepits: 63Sewing machines or accessories: 63
Projectors: 63Cosmetics: 63
Multi-purpose lighters: 63Barstools or kitchen stools: 56
Telephones or telephone accessories: 55Glass alcoholic beverage bottles: 48
Other grills or stoves: 43Clothes dryers: 42
Trampolines: 42Watches: 37
Safes: 36Vending machines: 36
Step stools: 33Gas-burning fireplaces: 32
Clothing: 32High chairs: 28
Ice skating: 27Decorative water features: 27
Footwear: 27Other playground equipment: 26
Bunk beds: 22Sports and recreational activity: 21
Food processors: 21Cardboard products: 21
Coffee makers or teapots: 21Pacifiers or teething rings: 17
Christmas tree lights: 17Adhesives: 17
Sewing basket articles: 17Storm windows: 17
Ashtrays, not electric or not battery operated: 17Flashlights or battery-powered lanterns: 17
Games or game parts: 17Go-carts: 16
Rug shampooers: 16Gas ranges or ovens: 16
School equipment: 16Canning jars or lids: 16
Paper cutters: 16Lockers: 16
Rugs or carpets: 16Minibikes, powered: 16
Windowsills or frames: 15Power saws: 15
Music boxes or chimes: 15Power leaf mulchers and grinders: 15
Baby changing tables: 15Can openers: 15
Electric razors or shavers: 15Workshop furnishings: 15
Ice makers: 15Thermostats: 15
Lacrosse: 15Wire: 15
Manual filing or sanding tools: 15Combs or hairbrushes: 15
Carts: 15Portable baby swings: 15
Self-contained openers: 15Water slides: 11
Clothing accessories: 11Other ball sports: 10
Humidifiers: 10Outerwear: 10
Plastic containers: 10Bags: 10
Pins and needles: 10Glass soft drink bottles: 10
Radiators: 10Nail guns or stud drivers: 10
Musical instruments, not electric or not battery operated: 10Moving walks: 6
Doorstops: 6Billiards or pool: 6
Window shades, venetian blinds or indoor shutters: 6Stereo or hi-fi components or accessories: 6
Filters: 6Counters or countertops: 6
Art and ceramic supplies or equipment: 6Room-sized, wall-to-wall or outdoor carpeting: 6
Rotary power lawn mowers: 5Built-in swimming pools: 5
Electric baseboard heaters: 5Lawn mowers: 5
Tapes: 5Screwdrivers: 5
Slow cookers: 5Other portable or stationary power tools: 5
Buckets or pails: 5Stretch cords or stretch straps: 5
Hot plates: 5Garden hoses, nozzles or sprinklers: 5
Balloons: 5Treehouses or playhouses: 5
Gas, air or spring-operated guns: 5Blankets: 5
Glue guns: 5Extension cords: 5
Wood paneling and particleboard: 5Window or door security barriers: 5
Convertible beds, hideaway beds or sofa beds: 5Bleachers: 5
Massage devices or vibrators: 5Television tables or stands: 5
Futons: 5Cigarette or pipe lighters: 5
Lighters: 5Bed rails: 5
Nonglass bottles or jars: 5Book bags or back carriers: 5
Baby bouncer seats: 5Roller skating: 5
Metal cookware: 5Night-lights: 5
Wooden containers: 5Portable electric heaters: 5
Other sound recording, reproducing or receiving equipment: 5Footlockers: 5

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