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1410 N 4TH ST
CLINTON, IA, 52732
Phone (make sure to verify first before calling): (319) 243-5900

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Employment Full-Time Equivalent
Licensed Practical Or Vocational Nurses : 27.75
Registered Professional Nurses : 87.25
Other Salaried Personnel : 180.25
Dieticians : 1.25
Occupational Therapists : 1.75
Physical Therapists : 3.50
Registered Pharmacists : 3.75
Respiratory Therapists : 10.00
Medical Social Workers : 3.00

Number Of Beds
Total: 131
Total Certified: 131

Provided Services
Nuclear Medicine Services
Alcohol And/Or Drug Services
Anesthesia Services
Blood Bank Services
Clinical Laboratory Services
Dental Services
Diagnostic Radiology Services
Dietary Services
Emergency Services
Home Health Services
ICU - Medical/Surgical Services
Inpatient Rehabilitiation (Not Carf Accredited) Services
Inpatient Surgical Services
Long Term Care (Swing-Beds) Services
Obstetric Services
Occupational Therapy Services
Operating Room Services
Outpatient Services
Outpatient Surgery Unit Services
Pediatric Services
Pharmacy Services
Physical Therapy Services
Postoperative Recovery Room Services
Respiratory Care Services
Social Services
Speech Pathology Services
Therapeutic Radiology Services

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