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1920 HIGH ST
DENVER, CO, 80218
Phone (make sure to verify first before calling): (303) 320-5871

Type: Long Term Hospitals

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Employment Full-Time Equivalent
Licensed Practical Or Vocational Nurses : 11.00
Registered Professional Nurses : 25.00
Other Salaried Personnel : 54.00
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) : 19.00
Dieticians : 1.00
Respiratory Therapists : 13.00
Medical Social Workers : 1.00
Medical Laboratory Technologists : 2.00
Diagnostic Radiology Technicians : 1.00

Number Of Beds
Total: 68
Total Certified: 68

Provided Services
Acute Renal Dialysis Services
Anesthesia Services
Blood Bank Services
CT Scanner Services
Clinical Laboratory Services
Diagnostic Radiology Services
Dietary Services
ICU - Medical/Surgical Services
ICU - Pediatric Services
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Services
Occupational Therapy Services
Pharmacy Services
Physical Therapy Services
Respiratory Care Services
Social Services
Speech Pathology Services

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