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Cabrini Hospice has a new name; it is now called Pax Christi Hospice, as a result of being merged into Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers upon the recent closure of the former Cabrini Medical Center. For information about inpatient hospice care and home hospice care throughout New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx) call (212) 995-6480.

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227 E 19TH ST
NEW YORK, NY, 10003
Phone (make sure to verify first before calling): (212) 995-6480

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Employment Full-Time Equivalent
Licensed Practical Or Vocational Nurses : 3.20
Registered Professional Nurses : 36.40
Other Salaried Personnel : 11.80
Physicians : 0.80
Medical Social Workers : 4.32
Counselors : 3.56
Other Volunteers : 170.00

Provided Services
Counseling Services
Home Health Aide Services
Homemaker Services
Medical Social Services
Medical Supplies Services
Nursing Services
Occupational Therapy Services
Other (Not Specified) Services
Physical Therapy Services
Physician Services
Short Term Inpatient Care Services
Speech Pathology Services

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